A Taijitu symbol on a man’s left forearm. This symbol is both used to represent the TAO, which is an ancient and still relevant Chinese philosophy and also used to represent yin and yang, which according to eastern philosophies are two equal but opposing forces.


A simple tattoo design of a cross on a man’s left wrist including two rings. The two rings are definitely for design purposes but the cross seems to be there because the man is a Christian. This tattoo is therefore a sort of an affirmation of faith tattoo.


A simple dragonfly tattoo on a man’s arm. It is quite unclear why any man would have a tattoo of a dragonfly on his arm. He may have a love for insects or the tattoo might be a reminder of an event in his past, nobody can say.


This is a three rings tattoo with varying widths on a man’s left forearm. It is definitely one of the most abstract tattoo ideas for men as it does not seem to have any other significance except to depict geometric excellence.


A simple but weird tattoo of five bones on a man’s arm. Whether the bones have any special meaning for the wearer of this tattoo is difficult to say but it is definitely one of the coolest tattoos ideas for a man.


When it comes to simple tattoos for men, it is difficult to beat ideas such as this depiction of mount everest on a man’s foot. And whether the wearer really is a mountain climber type or not, it still clearly depicts his love of mountains.


This is a simple tattoo of three rings around a man’s left hand. The middle ring is broken along the way and seems to be the same width with the upper ring while the lower ring is the thinnest of the the three rings.


This tattoo is a unique design that starts with two thick rings with a space between them. But the second ring does not have a fixed edge on its side towards the fingers, rather it slowly fades off down the rest of the forearm.


This is a simple, inconspicuous yet quite abstract tattoo on a man’s left arm. Obviously only the wearer of this tattoo can really explain what it means. It starts out looking like a star constellation but then contains four lines at the wrist.


A superman’s tattoo on a man’s upper arm. The man is definitely a bodybuilder given the contour of his upper arm and biceps, so this tattoo is an affirmation of his dreams as a body builder. One of the best simple tattoo ideas for any body builder.

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