Tattoo around upper forearm and elbow in black ink; this ring of elegant diamond shapes filled in with smaller mosaic-like patterns of triangles points in alternating directions, up past the elbow and down towards the wrist.


Tattoo on left pectoral in black and white ink; this classic tattoo idea could have come from Sailor Jerry himself, showing a thick black anchor twined with a heavily-outlined white rope over a man’s heart.


Tattoo on back of the left wrist in black ink; tattoo is the outline of a gear with many teeth, approximately one inch across, on the back of the wrist.


Tattoo on right inner arm in black ink; this tattoo showcases the artist’s ability with very fine lines.Five delicate arrows, all tipped and plumed with different filigree-style details and about three inches long, point down toward the wrist.


Tattoo on inner left wrist in black ink; this tattoo of the Apple logo is approximately an inch tall and on the inner wrist with the logo right-side-up when the arm is raised. The perfect tattoo for an iPhone addict.


A double ringed simple tattoo on a guy’s left arm. The two rings are dark colored and may or may not have a secret meaning. This is probably one of the most inconspicuous tattoos concepts, a tattoo for someone who doesn’t seek much attention but wants a constant reminder.


A simple but funny tattoo on a man’s inner finger. This is the kind of tattoo for fun loving and sociable personalities, who may be the heart of the party or who likes to play around and entertain kids.


A very simple tattoo depicting an anchor on a man’s left wrist. This tattoo definitely has a deep emotional meaning for the wearer, something to do with sailing or a sailor. Most people who dream of sailing may get such tattoos too.


A cloud with rain drops tattoo on a man’s wrist is definitely there as remembrance of a very special event. This is most probably a shared event and the other partner involved is definitely romantically involved with the wearer of this tattoo.


A very simple tattoos idea depicting an arrow on a man’s third finger. If and whatever this tattoo means is difficult to say, but it does have a certain significance for the wearer, something that he probably wants to keep secret.

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