Tattoo on outer side of right forearm in black ink; a simple tattoos idea doesn’t have to be small. This tattoo of a line four thick, solid black chevrons pointing down at the wrist boldly takes up most of the space from the elbow to two inches above the wrist.


Tattoo in the center of the back of the neck in black ink; this design shows the very simple outline of the neck and body of a guitar in black lines with no shading. The tattoo is approximately three inches long, with the neck of the guitar pointing straight up at the hairline on the back of the neck.


Tattoo on inner forearm in black ink; the tattoo is an extremely stylized anchor shape made with thin black lines. The loop at the top of the anchor is a few inches from the crook of the elbow and the rest of the anchor drops down about four inches toward the wrist.


Tattoo on back of left shoulder in black ink; this tattoo shows that simple tattoos for guys can also be sweet, since it features very delicate black lines forming the profiles of a cat and a floppy-eared Labrador facing each other close to the edge of the shoulder and upper arm.


Matching tattoos on the inner right wrist of one person and the inner left of the other in black ink; another matching simple tattoos idea for couples that’s more timeless than being inked with names in hearts, this one has a bold, solid black cross with no words or embellishments starting approximately four inches from the writs with the longest arm of the cross pointing down to the hand. The two crosses do not match in size, but do match in proportion, with the man’s tattoo larger and thicker than the woman’s because his arm is larger.


Tattoo on bicep in black ink; even small traditional tattoo designs can have a big impact, as this two inch tall anchor shows. The solid black anchor is in in the center of the side of the upper arm, just like Popeye’s.


Matching tattoos on the side/underside of both forearms in black ink; actor Jared Leto is a fan of simple tattoo design, as this pair of tattoos shows. The matching equilateral triangles are made with thick black outlines and both have a bar running through them about one third of the way up from the base. The triangles are approximately four inches tall, the base starting a few inches from the elbow and the point towards the wrist. This abstract design may be the alchemical symbol for the element of air.


Tattoo on inner right wrist in black ink; this tattoo design proves simple can also be geeky. This tiny one inch design of an open circle with a straight line in the opening of the circle is the universal symbol for the on/off button on computers.


Tattoo on inner left bicep in black ink; the tattoo design for men who like cute and vintage, both. This two inch smiling Mickey Mouse head is a classic design, more similar to what Mickey looked like in the 1940s and 1950s than the way he’s drawn now.


Matching partial sleeves around both forearms in black ink; these tattoos use simplicity to create a striking design. Thirteen lines of different uniform thicknesses between about 1/8 of an inch and 1/4 inch ring the upper forearms from the elbow to four inches from the wrists. Lines on either arm match the thickness and placement of the lines on the other arm.

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