A large scorpion form shaded in dark and light tones of black rests upon the side of the body. It is positioned ready to attack, with pincers designs to grab and hold its prey and a tail with a venomous sting.


Black and grey hues in various shadings deliver a lustrous scorpion exoskeleton in this amazing tattoo. The arthropod’s parts can be easily distinguished in the way they have been delicately inked in order to yield the perfect replica of the symbolic animal.


This tattoo ideas for men makes its own statement not only with the scorpion itself, but with the manner it has been illustrated. The arachnid’s head and mouth, legs, pincers and tail are all draped in brown and black combinations.


Found on the left side of the upper chest is a scorpion that looks lifelike as its legs seem to move and its tail archs around its back. The tattoo exhibits intricate details on each segment while shadows are cast on the skin.


Far from giving you the creeps, rather igniting admiration for its impressive form, this hairy scorpion arrives with symmetrical legs, a head with a fierce look, and a very long tail that curls over the top of its strong body.


The eye of providence is found right below the neck, centered between two pentagrams and towering over an upright scorpion that’s been inked all the way to the lower abdomen. This full chest scorpion design makes one of the most amazing tattoos ideas.


A thick, solid brown outline follows the shape of a scorpion which holds an x-ray effect revealing bones of the arthropod within it. The vibrant red color with almost glowing green accents create a fierce and strong, pretty cool image.


One of the best scorpion tattoos idea is this design inked on the side of the hand. The arachnid’s eight legs extend on the sides of its body with the head carrying a pair of claws, while its long thin tail passes through the skin with a stinger at the end.


Always defending itself and ready to attack anytime and use its venom, this scorpion looks so realistic as it’s been carefully illustrated right below the nape. It could give anyone the shivers yet make them marvel in admiration at the same time.


Found at the side of the neck is a massive-sized scorpion with the large pincers, eight legs, segmented body, and typical characteristics of the arachnid. The scorpion can be foreboding, but not if one knows how to appreciate the beauty of this animal’s complexity.

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