Sagittarius represents highly physical individuals and this tattoo with its subtle colouring is best worn on the upper arm to inspire the wearer to keep living their life as their Sagittarian spirit directs.

This is a simple tattoo design with clean lines that take the zodiac sign to a different dimension. Adopting the archer’s bow and arrow with a half compass demonstrates the wearer’s Sagittarian creativity and artistic flair.

The fine detail and muted tones in this Sagittarius tattoo clearly depict the wearer’s strength of character and indomitable spirit. The centaur represented here symbolises a desire for higher achievements.

A very cosmic-styled Sagittarius who appears to be leaping out of a frame. With the top half of the centaur shrouded in stars, the emphasis of the design is on the front half of the centaur as he launches forward.

For this tattoo the Sagittarius symbol is depicted by a beautifully etched, swirling bow and arrow. Clean and striking lines emphasise the iconic Sagittarius symbols.

A beautiful and intricate version of Sagittarius that is carefully worked over a wing-like background and appears to emerge out of striking foliage. This pale blue-grey tattoo is both delicate and very powerful.

This deep and soulful Sagittarius tattoo has a burnt crimson shadow effect that gives it a striking and powerful feel. This is a very dense tattoo with solid lines that feels at once impactful and powerful.

A colourful tattoo that symbolises Sagittarius against a background of flowing blues. This is a very graphic rendition of the traditional Sagittarius centaur whose arrow is raised ready to pierce the skies.

A flowing Sagittarius tattoo that is full of energy and poise as the centaur rears up, allowing the archer to let his arrow fly to the Heavens. The background is reminiscent of a scorched dessert with rocky outcrops and gives a sense of heat and power.

The emphasis of this Sagittarius tattoos idea is on the power of the centaur’s lower body. At the top the actual archer seems to mesh with his bow and arrow and features a red cross on his torso. The background has a dark and almost medieval feel.

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