Who would dare provoke someone with a bow and arrow pointed at them? That is the probable message that this guy is sending to his adversaries. He might be showing off his warlike and triumphant personalities with this Sagittarius design tattoo.

This Archer has already released his arrow, which is moving at a top speed towards his adversary. It is among the tattoo ideas for men that want an appealing tattoo with a strong meaning. The 3D effects of this tattoo are also quite impressive.

You don’t even have to know the meaning behind this tattoo. The design itself is enough to draw anybody’s attention. The Archer has been applied with some high levels of 3D effects that boost the elegance of the tattoo.

This is one tattoo that will draw your attention, mostly because of the elements applied with it. The tattoo features the archer, who is walking on the globe, and there is a Sagittarius star sign in the back {all these elements might be symbolic}.

Other than the noticeable 3D effects applied, the elements included makes this one of the tattoos ideas for those that enjoy the art and want to present it with some significance. The meaning behind it might be strange, but this tattoo is quite appealing.

Sagittarians put a high value on their freedom and this is one of the colourful Sagittarius tattoo ideas that expresses this well. It is a real fire brand with the archer letting the world know his aim is true. This individual is no pushover.

This Sagittarius tattoo design conveys a cloaked, mysterious individual. Black as the night, tough and unrepentant, this tattoo represents a strong character who won’t let you get under his skin.

Black is a colour that Sagittarians readily relate to. This centaur design of Sagittarius clearly depicts the strength to rise high, shoot straight and the courage to face any adversity that comes their way. Its simple clean lines are a favourite with many Sagittarians.

Armour indicates impenetrability and so with Sagittarians who will go out of their way to demonstrate they are indestructible. The subtle element of colour in this dark armour tattoo emphasises the strength of Sagittarius to be victorious.

Centaurs have been depicted as caught between two natures – tamed and untamed. An appropriate symbol for Sagittarians is this dark tattoo of the half-human, half-horse that highlights physical strength and power.

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