This one has a blue rose with nice 3D effects. Just like the tattoo looks ordinary, it could be applied to symbolize the impossible or fantasy. The guy has it at the back of the hand so that everyone can see it.


This is another rose tattoos idea that is linked to passion and deep feelings. The guy has this 3D rose design on his neck, and it has some black petals and stalks. The tattoo is also large enough to cover the entire left side of the neck.


The color of this tattoo might be black and seem basic, but the design is sophisticated. It is applied on the arm, and it stretches all the way to the base of the biceps. It could be a commemoration of someone special.


This is also among the rose tattoos for guys in love. The tattoo features two roses, with two skulls, but the message reads, Till Death Do Us Part. So it is just a tattoo that is meant for committed lovers.


The roses in this tattoo have a rich taste of art, since they fill the entire upper arm, all the way to the shoulders. They are just three red roses, which are combined with black petals, making it unique and super elegant.


This is among the rose tattoo ideas that is special in its design and the details. The rose features a blend of the blue color with some orange shades. It also has some water droplets that makes it look amazing.


The design of this tattoo is basic, but the tattoo is applied to look like it is sprouting out of the skin. The red rose is most likely connected to love and passion. It is applied on the calf, which makes it open to the public.


This is also a good choice if you need tattoos ideas for men. The rose features a blend of colors red, pink, and light green. This makes it look colorful, but masculine as well, thanks to the faded shades that balance the color blend.


This tattoo looks elegant on the shoulder, and it is small and not too much detailed. It might have a passion symbolism, or the guy could be enjoying the elegance of the tattoo. The tattoo also features a cool 3D effect that looks incredible.


This one is categorized among the tattoos ideas that hold a deep meaning and feature an elegant design. The blue-black roses in this tattoo might be used to commemorate a departed loved one. They are applied on the right chest and extend towards the shoulder.

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