This is a minimal wrist tattoo of the words ” So it Goes”, this make very decent respect tattoo idea for men. It can stand for a lesson of life or a period of self realization and control, the font is kept pretty and it even has a period symbol at the end of the phrase. It is still quite stylish and symbolic and a fantastic tattoo idea for men.

People like to make unique tattoos which can connect to their lives or even society, here we see a large upper back tattoo which is marked with a huge “X” and the word ” The Truth is out there.” This is quite unique and may mean a lot of things like social repulsion or a rebellious attitude towards some hidden facts, it look cools and mysterious at the same time. ]

It’s a wonderful tattoo idea for guys which is inked on the side of a forearm, the tattoo is of a rope used to hang people and it has the words “Hang in There” written in it. This can symbolize a period of patience through suffering and hardships as the word ‘hang in there’ are contradicted with the rope which is directly connected to death.

This is a simple and minimal tattoo idea which stand out and makes a excellent respect tattoos for guys, the tattoo is of a Hawk flying high in the sky, it is inked in black on the lower side of the ribs. The location is quite thoughtful as the tattoo can be seen every time the person raises his arms, it symbolizes the free spirit and a progressive attitude.

This is a bold respect tattoo for men made all of the left chest in a cursive Japanese font, the tattoo reads “Respected” in Japanese and the font used to get is inked is also complimenting the design. It make a fantastic tattoo idea for people who want to symbolize their honour and achievements.

This is a tattoo of a minimalist triangle on the bicep, the triangle has been a long standing popular design for making tattoos as it has been linked to many theories of the Illuminati and sometimes even self empowerment. Here we see the design to have a very basic border of a 3d triangle which may stand for a period of solitude or control.

A fantastic depiction of the crucifix as a tattoo for the arm, this masterpiece manages to capture the essence of the christian faith. The tattoo is of a crucifix with the face of Jesus Christ within it, the details and shading of this piece is staggering, the details give it a unique wood like appearance and the face of the Christ also looks quite realistic making it an ideal tattoo design.

This one is a decent respect tattoo design for the forearm, it features the word “Respect” written in a large and cursive font. The artist has worked a lot on shading the details to give it a 3-dimensional look, the words are shadowed in a way that looks like the font is reflecting light or has a glossy finish.

This is a unique tattoo idea for men which has a long list of names tattooed all over the back and the ribs, this list may be a hit-list of all the enemies as there is a tattoo of a gun write below it. This can mean a lot of things since it mostly has names of people, the tattoo looks magnificent and fills up the space pretty well.

A unique tattoo for guys with a tribal design in the background, the tattoo features the word “Respect” across the forearm inked in a variety of shades to give an appealing look. The font used resembles thorns and the colors used are also very earthy like green, brown and red, the shading also adds to the overall look of this tattoo.

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