This tattoo entails a raven that has its wings spread out and claws ready to grab on an opponent. There is a snake below the raven; so it seems that the raven is fighting the snake. It could symbolize protection against evil.


This is a raven tattoos idea that looks classy and also features elegant graphical effects. The raven is perched on an outdoor light fixture, and there is a building in the background. It might have a hidden meaning, or the guy has it for the love of the art.


This tattoo looks elegant, and even though the color and design are basic, it seems to have a personal meaning to the wearer. The guy has it on his left chest, and the legs of the raven stretch down towards the chest.


This cool tattoo features a raven with a classy 3D effect. The raven seems to be in the air, and the black theme with some shiny elements make the tattoo extra elegant. Whether it has a meaning or not, this tattoo is incredible.


This is another tattoo design that features a raven and some geometrical elements. The raven is not applied with some special effects, but the shapes that surround it give it a specific meaning. The guy has it applied to his arm, and it looks amazing.


This is one of the tattoo ideas for men, and it features a raven that is applied with some ink splashed around it. The raven covers the entire top part of the back, and the wings spread out towards the shoulders.


This simple raven design is applied on the biceps of this guy, and though it seems basic, the tattoo carries a deep meaning. The raven looks to be ready to descend or grab something. It looks amazing and unique enough.


This tattoo features a raven that is applied along with some strange elements. The raven in the tattoo is perched on a skull, and there is a spider web in the background. This tattoo holds a hidden meaning, so you must be sure of the meaning before applying it.


This is also among the tattoos ideas that looks basic in the design, but it has a personal meaning to the wearer. It looks incredible on the side of the guy, and the wings spread out towards the back and the lower back.


The design of this tattoo looks like a photo that was taken with one raven close to the camera, and the others in the background. The tattoo looks unique and amazing too. The crows are perched on the tree, and they are four in numbers.

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