This is one of those simple tattoos that find their beauty in their simplicity. The tattoo depicts two ravens, each on one leg, that appear to be perched on a branch. Both ravens are completely black in color.


This is a slightly complex tattoo of a raven that has used monochromatic colors to come up with a work of art. The tattoo depicts a raven that is perched on top of a branch as it appears to be looking behind itself.


This is one of those tattoos that have managed a balance between simplicity and complexity. The tattoo depicts several ravens that appear to be perched on the branches of several trees that do not have leaves. A moon appears to be in the background of the ravens and trees.


This is a unique tattoo that is most suitable for an individual who wants something that will run the entire length of their arms. The tattoo is of a raven that has been drawn in such a way that it covers the entire length of the arm. The raven is entirely black in color.


This tattoo shows an entire tree complete with its roots drawn along the length of the chest all the way down to the abdomen. Several black ravens appear to be either perched on the tree’s branches or flying about its branches.


This tattoo involves two ravens applied to the chest, and they seem to be facing each other. There is a cage that has a literal design of a rib cage, with a classy golden color. Regardless of the meaning, this tattoo looks amazing.


This raven tattoo is all black, with red roses surrounding it. The raven appears to be standing on a skull, which might have a connection with someone’s death or a specific dark meaning. It looks amazing and features a rich color blend.


The raven design in this tattoo looks basic, but it carries a deep meaning. Though it has one color, the tattoo features the raven that is perched on twisted tree branches. There looks to be an eye on the raven, which holds a hidden meaning.


This raven tattoo design holds elegance regarding the design and the color blend too. The raven is perched on a tree, and the feathers have a classy 3D effect. There seems to be a sunset-based background, which adds more flavor.


The ravens on this tattoo have a basic design, but they carry a deep meaning. They seem to be applied to the leg, and it could be that the wearer dedicated the ravens to his daily walk of life or something.

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