This tattoo carries an amazing design, and you can notice the image of Jesus with a crown of thorns, along with the hands, a rosary, and an angel with a shield. Most likely, this tattoo carries a special meaning to the wearer.


The design of this tattoo is appealing enough, and it also has some glossy effect that adds attractiveness to it. There is an image in the background, which seems to be that of Virgin Mary. Regardless of the symbolism, this tattoo looks incredible.


This is a great praying hands tattoo design that has a basic color blend, but with appealing 3D effects. The tattoo features a set of hands, a rosary, and three roses at the back. Whether the tattoo has a special meaning or not, it looks amazing.


The artistry of this tattoo is eye-catching, and the whole tattoo carries a specific meaning. There is a teary eye over the set of hands holding a rosary, and the word, Respect, is between them. It looks impressive on the guy’s arm.


In this tattoo, the hands in prayer-mode seem to be concealed under the skin. So it looks like the hand of this guy is hollow and the hands are hidden inside. It is one design that can easily draw attention.


This guy has his tattoo applied on his hand, and it carries a special meaning. There is a pair of praying hands and a watch with a reflection below them. With such elements, this tattoo might be carrying a specific meaning.


This is a great praying hands tattoos for men that want a simple but symbolic design. The tattoo features only a set of hands praying. However, the uniqueness is in the size of the hands. The hands are small enough to fit on the thumb of this guy.


This guy is expressing his respect to Virgin Mary, and he has the image of the mother of Jesus Christ on his arm. As simple as the tattoo might seem, it could be carrying a strong and deep meaning to the guy.


While this tattoo might look too basic, it carries some good 3D effects level. There is an image of the Virgin Mary with hands in prayer, and a rosary hanging over. The tattoo might be symbolic, or maybe the guy is just commemorating the Virgin Mary.


This guy has taken his haircut to another level by including the hands in a prayer mode on the side of his head. The tattoo has been applied with some 3D effects, and it is one of the tattoo ideas for men that want something unique.

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