This wrist tattoo proves that tattoos etched in memory of a loved one are indeed personalized in nature. This tattoo is meant to honour a loved one Steve and clearly shows appreciation and thanks to Steve for a personal reason.


Roses always signify deep feelings, and are aptly used with a heart in this memorial tattoo design in memory of a relationship. The dates signify how long the relationship had lasted. A calf tattoo, it’s in open view for the world to see!


Fans of winged tattoos will love this tattoo etched in memory of a loved one as it comprises of a winged heart. The shades, roses and name all depict everlasting memories in the stomach tattoo, which is etched so near the navel.


This memorial angel tattoo show the owner’s love towards three people who had departed from their life as they were beckoned by God. The addition of God’s hands clearly depict that the owner misses the departed souls and has used this tattoo in memory of them.


Another winged memorial tattoos idea for winged tattoo fans. The effects and significance of this tattoo has been increased just because shaded effects were used in the design, and with the inclusion of the departed soul’s name and date of birth or death.


This is a simple but one of the more significant tattoo ideas to use in devotion and remembrance to your mom. It has an outline of a bird, probably a dove with the word mama, and her date of birth and death.


This is one of the memorial tattoos for guys which has been drawn on the calf. It has an angel in it, showing memories of a loved one you miss. The name included in the tattoo specifically shows who the tattoo is meant for.


This is another beautiful back shoulder tattoo in remembrance of your dad. As the most loving memories spent with dad is usually fishing, the tattoo has two fishing hooks curved into a heart and the words “dad” and “gone fishing”.


This is another memorial tattoo which has a personalized meaning only the person who has it done will understand. However as the wrist tattoo has a pigeon and headphones, it perhaps depicting the loss of a loved one, Riley, who had loved listening to music.


This is one of the more special memorial tattoos which you can use to show how your dad was like Joseph, who had looked after and guided his child, and had carried his child on his back, treading through water with the help of a pole.

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