When looking for a unique men’s lotus flower tattoo design idea, this tattoo is an interesting choice due to its array of different colors while still maintaining a traditional lotus design. There are pink petals, green outer leaves, a light blue and yellow center, and brownish, almost spike-covered bed which the lotus is resting on.


For a relatively simplistic lotus flower design, this one features a central lotus graphic which is basically a solid block color and a classic lotus shape in the middle. There is one of these designs on each arm, one being all blue and one being all red. On each respective arm design, there is a ring of dots encircling the lotus flower.


Some of the most attractive lotus flower tattoo ideas for men involve lotus graphics which have vaporous forms floating up from the flower. This is the case for this lotus flower tattoo design, as there is an all light blue lotus flower featuring purple vapor lines leaving up from the flower. These lines give the appearance of the lotus flower’s essence leaving through it’s top.


This lotus flower tattoo design features a main lotus flower which is all red with green base leaves and stem, surrounded by what appear to be crashing waves and a tumultuous sea.


For a unique lotus flower tattoo for men which is designed to be on hands, this creation features half of a lotus flower on one hand, and the other half of the lotus flower on the other hand. This creates a men’s lotus tattoo idea which can come together to make a full lotus picture when the hands are aligned together.


This lotus flower tattoo design features deep red lotus petals, with a small and subtle golden flower center. In the background of the tattoo design are dark colored ripples and waves which give a nice texture and peripheral design to complement the lotus flower.


Many men’s lotus flower tattoo creations feature some kind of rippled texture lines, and this design is no exception. Coming from a beautiful and large gold lotus flower, there are reddish rippling lines moving up and out from the flower positioning.


For those men who prefer a simplistic lotus flower tattoo design, this creation is about as simple as it gets. Featuring sharp, blocked, black lines and no coloration, this lotus design makes for a great minimalist tattoo creation.


This is a lotus flower tattoo design which is larger than most other designs, as it takes up the better part of an arm’s length. It features two purple lotus flowers, and a reddish orange lotus flower as well. With three colored lotus flowers in total, this tattoo design is perfect for anyone who wants a lot of color in their design.


Another men’s lotus flower tattoo design which features a broad range of bright colors and koi fish as well, this creation is draped across one’s chest in a beautiful mesh of colors and figures. There is a central purple and blue lotus flower in this design with smaller, reddish flowers in the periphery. There are koi fish on either side of the lotus and the koi are gold and orange.

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