For a lotus flower tattoo design that any lotus appreciating man is sure to enjoy greatly, this particular design features a lot of intricate styling inside of the central reddish-orange and yellow lotus flower. The designs inside of the individual lotus flower petals are complex and eye-catching, and remind one of what henna patterns tend to look like.


For the man who is interested in a smaller, less pronounced but still attractive lotus flower tattoo design, this low profile lotus design could be the perfect choice. This tattoo is only an outlining of a lotus, as there is no color filling in this particular lotus tattoo design. It is a simple lotus graphic which would be perfect for any man who wants a lotus themed tattoo without it being too pronounced on the body.


Men’s lotus flower tattoo designs often feature a central lotus depicted in the art work, and this design is no exception. In the center of this men’s lotus flower tattoo is a large, light blue colored lotus flower with a golden center. In the periphery of this design features swirling black and white cloud-like forms.


For a straightforward, no nonsense men’s lotus flower tattoo design, this one is almost all pink colored with a white and beige center of the flower. There is some light green coloration around the pink lotus flower, and this color serves to give the impression of ambient greenery around the main lotus design.


Some men want their lotus flower tattoo designs to really pop out and be eye-catching, and this tattoo design certainly does achieve that goal. With a hot pink, almost neon level brightness lotus flower placed front and center in this design, there is also a yellow center and green vegetative leaves coming off the bottom of the lotus design.


This is a men’s lotus flower tattoo which has much sharper lines than many other lotus designs, and it has an almost uniform hue of a deep, almost light-purple pinkish color. The lotus petals in this design are sharply drawn, and have a greater degree of detail than many other men’s lotus flower tattoos.


This lotus flower tattoo design is another creation which is more on the unconventional side, as it features a typical pink lotus flower with a green base. Where this design gets much more unique and interesting is in the roots. From the base of the lotus flower bulb on this tattoo design, there are root lines which the artist uses to curl around into visually interesting shapes and patterns.


For a lotus flower tattoo idea which is quite unique in its shaping, this one features predominantly black and red hues. The red lotus petals on this design are made to look like hearts, while other black lotus petals are interspersed into the design to give it some visual variability. There are no other peripheral designs or colors on this tattoo design; it is simply the flower itself and nothing additional.


This lotus flower tattoo design is all pink, though the petals on this design have white coloration on the middle of each individual pink lotus petal. There is a green stem extending down from the flower, and a subtle yellow center to this lotus tattoo design.


This lotus tattoo design features both blue and purple lotus petals, and there is one section of the flower which has red and yellow petals. There is a yellow center to the lotus design, and a reddish vapor floating up from the inside of the flower.

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