Simple, basic, less-detailed; call it what you want. Either way, this tattoo comes with a unique design and theme. Other than that, it could also have a specific meaning linked to it. The guy has applied it to his left chest, and that itself could be symbolic.

This guy understands the meaning of applying a tattoo with creativity. The tattoo is not just unique, but it also comes with a set of words that could be devotional or inspirational to the wearer. It looks amazing, and anyone would love having it.

The complexity and uniqueness of this tattoo make it one of the best tattoo ideas for men. It features an owl, which is applied to some unique patterns and it holds a key in its claws. Most likely, the tattoo has a specific meaning.

The two sparrows in this tattoo hold a string that is attached to a key with a compass in its handle. It might be related to a sailor due to the sparrows and the compass design on the key. Either way, it is still amazing in its design.

This tattoo has also been applied with an amazing design, and it features a colored owl holding a golden key. The color theme is quite vibrant, which makes the tattoo more appealing. It also looks good on the chest of the guy.

This is also one of the key tattoos for men who want a vibrant tattoo that is also somewhat symbolic. The tattoo has been applied with a deep black, red, golden, and yellow shades. The guy has applied it to his wrist, and it looks cool.

An appealing tattoo will always come with a unique design and also be symbolic. That is what this tattoo features. There is a key attached to a chain along with other clock designs that have Roman numbers. It looks amazing on the guy’s hand.

This is a yet another great tattoo that has been applied with some great amount of 3D effects, along with some glossiness that makes it impressive. It doesn’t even matter if it is symbolic or not; the tattoo is just spectacular.

In this tattoo, there is a face of a woman who is crying, and she has a rosary in her hand. There is also another face of a strange woman, and a unique key is applied above them. This one might have a hidden meaning.

This stands as one of the tattoos ideas for those that want a detailed design that also has a certain symbolism. It features a set of trees with ravens flying over them. There is also a key hidden in the roots of the bigger tree, which could be symbolic.

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