This mysterious looking tattoo has a charming appeal. Drawn on the upper thigh region, this multi-colored artwork features an attentive looking owl holding a golden hued key in both its talons. The colorful flowers in the background lend a lovely appeal to the artwork.

A truly unique artwork both in its concept and execution. The monochromatic tattoo is drawn on the back of 3 fingers on both hands, with the ring finger on left hand being adorned with a key symbol. The other fingers feature other designs including an eye, a crown, and a leaf.

For those who like a bit of color in their tattoo, your search ends here. This beautiful tattoo, sketched on the forearm, features a captivating looking key with a rather grand looking bow. The splashes of color serving as the background add to the charm of this artwork.

This tattoo is small in size but big in effect. The tattoo, in monochrome, features a beautiful key with a simple and elegant looking bow. Joining the teeth of the key with its bow is the phrase, ‘set me free’, providing a truly deep and meaningful message.

Sketched on the forearm, this abstract artwork has a deeply foreboding quality to it. The artwork features an impression of a key standing upright. The bow of the key is adorned with a fearsome looking skull with a halo like ring framing it.

When it comes to key tattoo ideas, this is one great design to consider. It comes with different elements that make it stand out elegantly. There is a key, a padlock, and a skull, which might all have a specific symbolism.

This tattoo comes with the design of a key, but with a skull at the handle. The bit comes with words that form a crucifix. It could be having a certain spiritual significance, or it might just be a unique design.

You wouldn’t even notice if this is a key tattoo design or not. It features some elements that give it a complex but appealing look. There are two poker cards, along with a padlock and two keys that have the crowns of a king and a queen at the bow {handle}.

Tattooing meets artistry in this picture, and it has an amazing final look. The key has angel wings along its shaft, and there are some devotional words below it. Probably the wearer has dedicated the tattoo to a loved one.

When you look at this tattoo, you can easily notice the glossiness, along with the elegant 3D effects. The padlock has been applied in the shape of a heart, which could be a significance of love and commitment to the wearer.

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