If you have been on the prowl looking for exotic tattoos ideas, then you are in luck. This multi-colored artwork, drawn across the forearm, features a rather strange looking key with a flame shaped bow. Even more intriguingly, the tattoo has an eye peering through the middle of the key.

This artwork might be comparatively small but holds its own when it comes to detail and the overall effect. The monochromatic tattoo features a fierce looking own flying forward with an ancient and mysterious looking key held firmly in its talons.

This artwork is for those who like their tattoo bold and large. The multi-colored tattoo, drawn across the chest, features a bird of prey holding a sand timepiece and a torch in both its talons. The beak holds a red ribbon tied to a regal looking golden key.

An elegant design that is bound to captivate people on account of its simplicity. Drawn across the forearm, this monochromatic tattoo features an ancient key design with an intricate crown shaped bow. The word ‘adventure’ is scrawled along the length of this key in cursive, providing it a quaint appeal.

A truly outstanding piece of art that is sure to turn heads. This monochromatic tattoo features a beautiful piece of the key with a clock embedded in its bow. The clock itself is framed with an intricate ornamental design. A beaded key ring attached to a couple of leaves adds to the mystique.

This is a unique tattoo that provides the full expanse of its artwork using several men. Sketched across the forearm, the tattoo features a stormy day, with a map and a key drawn below. On the other side, there is an image of a winged angel, standing before a foreboding looking castle.

A genuinely fierce piece of artwork. The monochromatic tattoo, drawn across the chest, features a rather angry and fierce looking wolf’s head. Even more, interestingly, the wolf has a key pierced through its skull, with the shape of the key’s bow resembling a cross.

Drawn on the bicep, this lovely tattoo appeals because of its attention to detail. The monochromatic artwork features a rather ancient and beautiful looking lock and key, flanked on either side by two roses. The bow of the key appears like a meditative face.

Another tattoo that grabs your attention immediately on account of its size and richness. The monochromatic tattoo is sketched on the chest and features a large bird of prey. The rather fierce looking bird is flying upwards while holding a bunch of key in its talons.

This piece of artwork is for those who prefer a sleeve tattoo. The monochromatic artwork features a rather captivating looking skull with a clock embedded on its head. There is a mysterious looking key lying diagonally beneath it. The leafy background of this tattoo adds to its haunting appeal.

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