This one is another heart tattoos idea that is elegant in the design, and the meaning is also deep. The heart that has wings and some flowers show a divine love that is protected. The flower adds some elegance to the tattoo.


This heart tattoo design shows a heart that has branches and a root to symbolize a love that has grown for long until it has produced fruits. It is meant for those that have been in love for long enough and maybe have kids.


This one is more of love that depends on a different piece to be complete. Even the color pattern and the jigsaw pieces design shows that the two pieces need to be together for that love to be one.


The heart in this tattoo appears to be broken, but it has been fixed and is in the process of healing. The bird carries the needle, and the thread passes through the heart to strengthen it. The patches and the thread are applied with a stylish 3D effect.


The heart here shows a deep passion and love for a person. The tribal effect adds an extra meaning, but it also makes it look classy and unique in the design. It goes well on the calf, but it can fit anywhere.


This one of the heart tattoos for guys who are deeply rooted and devoted to their family. The heart has some rich art details, with the names of the wife and kids. The words, Family Forever, speaks everything about this tattoo.


This tattoo features a heart that has wings and a flame burning on it. It could be linked to spirituality, and it might also be used to signify a love that burns forever. The colors of burning flames make the tattoo more elegant.


This one has a heart with a keyhole. Obviously, the wearer means that there is someone who holds the key to his heart. It might mean that he is single, or the partner could have a similar tattoo, but with a key added.


The wings in this tattoo resemble that of an angel, and this could be one of the tattoo ideas for men that value their faith and spirituality. It might show total devotion to Christianity or the wearer could be saying that his heart is protected by an angel.


This one is a unique heart tattoos idea that features a heart deep in the waters, with sharks fighting to swallow it. The general 3D effect of the tattoo makes it elegant, with the deep blue sea color. The artistic aspect is eye catching.

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