This heart tattoo is rather a negative of a heart than an image of one. It looks like paint was splattered and an image was drawn over the heart, and then the heart was removed. The ink looks realistic. Although a relatively simple black tattoo, it is unique and complex. A great tattoo design for men.


This tattoo is an image of a realistic heart. Although done in black and white, the shadowing gives it a 3-dimensional look. The details in the cut aorta and vena cava add to the realistic aspect. This is a great design for a men’s heart tattoo.


This black and white tattoo looks more like a photograph than a drawing. The great shadowing technique that is used makes the heart appear 3-dimensional. The realistic image of the biological heart wears a heart and has a royal wreath behind it. A king’s heart depicted in a tattoo.


This tattoo holds a great message. The image of a biological heart is drawn with great detail adding to the realism. Holding the heart with strings is a ghost hand that has great depth and dimension. A work of art with a powerful story. This men’s heart tattoo is a great design idea.


This heart tattoo is a depiction of the biological heart. The thick lines give the appearance that the heart was drawn with a pen. The shadowing that is done is identical to the shading in many medical books. A great tattoo design for a men’s heart tattoo.


A heart tattoo that features a flaming heart with a rosary hanging around it and a pair of wings. This tattoo is most definitely linked to Christianity. The rosary is associated with the Catholic. Therefore, it could symbolize love or devotion to Christianity.


This tattoo has a light red color, along with branches spreading out to make it look like a tree. It has a skull at the base of the heart. It could symbolize a love that lives forever. The skull can be a sign of eternity at some point.


The design of this tattoo makes it unique and have a strong meaning too. The oil derrick pump might be a sign of pain. The wearer could be passing the message that many people have exhausted or abused his love, more of a heartbreak.


The heart and key in this tattoo are most definitely connected to love. It shows someone owns or has locked the heart of the tattoo wearer. For that, it might be a sign of devotion to love by the wearer of the tattoo.


The watercolors splash in this tattoo could be a sign of the wearer’s love for especially. Alternatively, it could mean that the wearer is in love with a painter or art lover. Either way, it looks elegant with the color splash.

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