This is a futuristic heart. Although done simply, it has a great effect. The heart looks like a microchip that is imprinted on the skin and a part of the body. Perhaps could be great in green, but either way, it is still a great heart tattoo for men.


This large chest tattoo is the most realistic depiction of a heart. An actual heart is outlined as are the claws in the background. The color is found in the veins which are colored and shaded to appear realistic, as if looking into the man’s chest.


A great depiction of the biological heart. It is romanticized with the flowers and the ink. The words read “swing life away”. This heart tattoo is a piece of art on skin. You can, naturally, change the words to make your own statement. An inspiring tattoo idea for men.


This heart tattoo is an image of the actual heart from medical textbooks. The numbers represent different parts of the heart which are explained in the medical books. A great tattoo idea for medical students and surgeons, but also for anyone who views themselves as logical above all else.


This heart tattoo takes all the greatest loves in a man’s life and combines them. Mum, Dad, and RPG games. The heart looks life a life potion in many games and the words are written on scrolls. Both a humorous and an honest tattoo. The colors of this tattoo are purposefully faded to appear like written on ancient paper.


This dark tattoo takes symbolism from cults or anarchy. The many angular shapes are red with a black border. They combine to create a large and powerful heart. The dark heart is perfectly symmetrical. This large tattoo is a great design for a men’s heart tattoo.


These twin hearts are a simple and elegant show of love. A great “his” and “hers” heart tattoo that is minimal. A simple dark outline of two hearts on each wrist has a great effect. This is suitable for anyone which makes it a great heart tattoo design.


Figure 88 is an image known to all medical students. It is a realistic representation of the heart. Done in black and white, this tattoo not only resembles the image but is identical to it. The many details and lined shading make it appear exactly like the medical drawing.


A sailor tattoo with a twist. This iconic image of an anchor with a tattoo is made modern with the new detail and images. Within the heart, there is an emergency image of a lighthouse. The anchor itself it artfully colored but remains purposefully flat. This men’s tattoo idea traditionally goes on the forearm.


This men’s heart tattoo is very realistic. The heart itself looks almost like a black and white photograph. The arrows represent the direction of the blood flow from the veins and arteries. The enlarged heart turned to the side. A great heart tattoo idea.

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