Each hand has its own small design, located on the front of the hand between the base of the thumb and index finger. Both are drawn with blank ink. One design is a small skull. The other is a small crown topped with a crucifix.


This is another small, black design that’s located on the front of the hand. This design is located at the base of the index finger and features a simple, graphic crown with five dots between the base and the top.


This design sits on the top (front) side of the wrist and appears to be only one or two inches across. It’s a simple graphic design done completely in black. It’s a circular spiked wheel with four spokes and a small hub.


This is a classic anchor design, located on the front of the hand between the base of the thumb and the base of the index finger. It’s tough to tell whether the ink is dark blue or black, but I think it’s blue, which adds to a classic nautical feel.


This small, graphic design in located between the base of the pinky finger and the wrist bone. It’s done in all black and kind of looks like small pieces of intertwined barbed wire, but not exactly.


This tattoo, located on the front of the hand between the base of the thumb and index finger, is a classic crucifix with the body of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. For such a small design, the artist displays some pretty intricate work.


This design covers most of the front side of the hand and all four fingers (thumb not shown). The photo doesn’t show how far down past the wrist the design extends. Black tree branches almost look like they were drawn on with a black ballpoint pen.


This is a strong graphic design that extends down the length of the index finger to the front of the hand and then down to the wrist. Done in all black, the focal point is a pentagram that’s embedded in a series of designs that finish with a spike running to the top of the index finger.


This design is split between two fingers in opposite hands. When the hands come together in prayer, the two halves join together to reveal a black tarantula.


Like the previous design, the design is also split between two hands. This black design runs from the base of the thumb to the wrist. When the two halves combine, you see a face embedded on a sun or moon that has rays shooting out from it. There is a secondary design underneath.

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