This is a great idea for an intricate shoulder tattoo. Done in shades of black, it works to create a sharp contrast against the skin tone. Moreover, the lotus in the center captivates the eye, making it a beautiful tattoo for any man.


These detailed tattoos are guaranteed to fill up the arms making for a gorgeous design. So if you’re a man who believes that flowers can be masculine – this will prove your point. Done in black ink, the intricate design and detailed shading creates a stunning tattoo.


The stylistic representation of flowers is utterly splendid in this detailed design. With each petal done in utter detail, this tattoo stands out against the skin tone. Moreover, the delicate colors used ensures optimum aesthetic appeal.


Here you can see the black and skin tones working together for a wonderful contrast. With the triangle placed on top of the flower, it is shaded in alternate blocks for maximum appeal.


This shoulder tattoo is extremely detailed and perfect for men who love ink. Moreover, it’s strategic placement also makes it easy to conceal in the more formal settings. Done in black ink, the detailed design and beautiful shades ensures that this design will steal the limelight whenever you decide to show it off.


Whoever said defined lines looked the best has never seen this glorious design. With the flower done in shades of red and purple, it ensures that no outlines are used at all. The stark contrast with a blue background is what ensures that it stands out beautifully.


This wonderful black ink tattoo is utterly gorgeous and sure to turn heads. The intricate design shows that each petal and leaf was amply detailed for the best result possible.


This beautiful design shows a beautiful pattern of flowers in the shape of a crescent. Done in black ink, it outlines numerous flowers placed within leaves for a design that is as delicate as it is masculine.


Love is for men and women, and here you can see its embodiment in black ink. The rose along with its leaves has been done in black ink to ensure that the tattoo stands out against the comparatively lighter skin tone.


This complex tattoo could be straight out of a Victorian portrait – and everyone knows those weren’t easy to make. With a beautiful bundle of flowers, each extremely detailed, it adds a splash of the realistic to the simple tattoo idea. The intricate shading along with the incorporation of butterflies and other natural elements makes this the ideal tattoo for men who won’t shirk away from their delicate side.

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