A full fingered tattoo which read game over, this can make an excellent finger tattoos idea for gamers as they too are known to be working magic with their hands. The custom font used is also has a digital 8 bit kind of effect to it, the ones used in ancient game long before computer gaming.


This is one of the most popular finger tattoos for guys it has lighting bolts on the middle fingers, heart one left pinky, a heart on the ring finger and unique number 3 inked on the index finger. When made with alongside existing tattoos these work great in complementing the other inked arts.


A truly perfect tattoo for couples who are bound together for life, it reads as till my dying day. The custom font used looks like handwriting which add to the personal touch of the tattoo, it is an amazing finger tattoo design.


Tattoos ideas are made to be unique, symbolize something, or can even be abstract, here we see a fantastic example of an abstract finger finger tattoo of an arrow which starts from the ring finger and then connects to another large tattoo on the forearm. It is kept minimal but still comes across as very sharp and elegant.

Man with tattoos, portrait, close-up

Fingers are a very crucial part of our hands, and so it is a perfect place to add finger tattoo designs that compliment an already existing tattoo. Here the fingers are inked with diamond shaped patterns which are complimenting the lines tattoo made on the wrist.


This is an epic tattoo that read Love Life, it great for guys who want unique tattoos ideas that connect to an existing tattoo, here we see another tattoo of a supposedly dead bird with a ribbon around it that reading waiting. Here it can be trying to say ‘Love Life or die waiting for someone else to love you.


Tattoos let people express their mind and symbolize their feeling, here we can see a double fist finger tattoo that read Self Made. This is a great concept for guys as it make a great statement and allows people to wear their pride on their skins, though it is common tattoo idea for men it still remains in trend.


People get to express their feeling through tattoo, here we see the words “Less Hope” inked on the fingers in a very thing font. This can mean that the person is loosing hope slowly and there is less hope, it may seem a little emo for guys but it manages to make a statement.


Some people like to have extremely minimal and pleasant tattoo, this one is a tattoo of a creeper over the thumb and a ring-like abstract design with an X mark. These are perfect for people who don’t want any heavy or violent graphics inked onto their skins.

close up photo of tattooed hands holding cigar with big skull ring

People often think of getting some date inked onto their skins, this tattoo is a good example of such a finger tattoo design. The tattoo shows the year 1973 inked onto the fingers which is the year when the great Vietnam war ended, right below it are four small tattoos first is of the letter “W’ which could be an initial to a name, second is an atomic bomb, the third is danger sign with a little skull and the last one is a snake.

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