This guy has an anchor and a love sign on the inner index and middle fingers. The tattoos are only visible when you flash the peace sign. However, they mostly likely have a personal meaning, which is why they are placed on the inner part.


This one is also among the tattoo ideas for men, which entails letters tattooed on each finger to flash out a word or phrase. Each of the fingers on every hand has a letter that makes up a complete word.


This guy has a deep appreciation of the human evolution process, which is why the tattoos range from the origin of man, according to evolution beliefs. The color theme is also classy though it doesn’t have a 3D effect like most of other tattoos.


The wearer of this tattoo speaks out his mind, and he tells anyone who reads that he values every single moment of his life. It could be a warning to others not to waste his time, or it could be a personal encouragement.


This is also one of the finger tattoos for men, which entails an eagle that has a unique design. The tattoo could symbolize power, intelligence, determination, and focus. It looks elegant on the side of the middle or ring finger.


This is one of those minimal hidden tattoos that is great for people who want to keep their tattoos discreet, having an simple initial of a name on the ring finger is a perfect place for unique finger tattoos since it can easily be covered by wearing a ring.


A truly unique and brilliant tattoo concept that is completed by holding both hands together, each of the fingers has a part of the complete tattoo of a bleeding knife with an eye on the hilt. It looks quite simple yet has a contemporary touch to it, and compliment the other tattoos too.


An elegant gothic themed tattoo that looks like a dry tree which has shed all its leaves, it has been kept extremely thin and minimal which adds to the overall appeal. It great for guys who want to have a nice minimal tattoo that speaks a lot without covering much of the skin.


Made with staggering details this artistic finger tattoo of a dog is a superb idea, people who are very attached to their dogs can get this done more themselves as a remembrance of their loyal companion. The artist has managed to create an exquisitely detailed miniature dog face, and it even portrays emotions.


A cute concept for couples who want to have a common tattoo, the design is kept quite simple with just and outline of a triangle. Triangle can mean a whole lot of things right from peace and intellect to silence and luminosity, so it adds to the mystery element to the design too.

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