Faith can act as an unmovable anchor in life’s storms we all encounter, helping one to not drift off into the seas of despair. This faith tattoos for guys with the cross as window to the sea and at the center of all directions serves as both a reminder and encouragement.


Family, honor and loyalty are words that are packed together and cannot be separated in this elaborate cross design. Curved edges and script writing, as well as the pointed star in the middle altogether add up as lovely aesthetic tattoo enhancements.


Spread across the upper back is one of the simplest yet comes as the strongest representation of faith tattoos idea. A thick cross elicits a heavy look that symbolizes Christ’s sufferings for mankind and a solid faith.


Christ’s head is bowed down and his hair are all over his face as his arms are extended all the way to either side of the cross. One arm blends with the human arm in the smart and unique perspective of this beautiful tattoo.


Jesus’ suffering and redemptive death by crucifixion is evident in this compelling tattoo design. Faith gives off an influential emotion pertaining to belief in Jesus Christ, whom many people look to as their Savior not just in terms of sin, but from many of the difficulties of life as well.


This guy is proud of his faith, and he shows it off in a couple of tatts. There is a dove applied on his chest, with wings spreading on both sides. A simple cross is applied to his left arm, which is linked to his Christian faith.


This faith tattoo comes with a sweet touch of art, featuring a lady-angel with a halo over the head. The color theme is not vibrant, but the tattoo holds an impressive 3D effect. Also, there appears to be a set of clouds in the background.


The message of this tattoo is clear. There is a pair of hands that is in a prayer mode, with a rosary around. A cross is in the background, and the words, In God’s Hands, have been written in a banner-like design.


This is one of the unique faith tattoos, which show the appreciation of one’s belief with a sweet touch of artistry. The guy has applied it to his arm, and the tattoo comes in three dimensions. The various designs from different perspectives are what make the tattoo unique.


This tattoo is strange in its design since it includes a cross and a fierce dragon that coils around it. The 3D effects are impressive, and the color blend is also eye-catching. It could be holding a hidden meaning, but the design is incredible.

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