If you are looking for a tattoo design that is both unique and stylish, you might want to consider this one. You may not even notice it at first glance. The guy might have a reason for applying it, or he just wanted a unique design.

This guy is definitely a Christian, and the tattoo shows it clearly. He has the design of a cross applied to his ear lobe. Probably he applied it to imitate an ear stud, or he might have applied it with a different meaning.

The artistry and elegance of this tattoo make it one of the best ear tattoos you would consider having. It has a unique style and design that is not easily understandable to anyone. The tatt could be having a specific symbolism.

The stars applied to the back of this guy’s ear might have a certain meaning. What makes them stand out is the fact that they go well with the guy’s hair style. It is a great tattoo that could be appealing to anyone.

Give Mr. Tattoo a break; a coffee break actually. This guy has applied the tattoos in different areas of his body, including the ear area. The color blend gives it a vibrant theme that is overly appealing. It could also be having a specific meaning.

A spider web on one ear, and love sign on the other. This qualifies as one of the top ear tattoo ideas if you are looking for a design that will stand out of others. The two elements could be symbolic.

This tattoo is quite bizarre, isn’t it? Yes, it is. The tatt features the design of a dragon-like creature that looks fierce. It has been applied along with some good level of 3D effects, along with a noticeable amount of glossiness.

Is this guy a fan of spiders or the popular Superhero? He has a spider tattoo applied down his shoulder muscles, and it connects to some shapes and elements at the back of the ear. The design is unique and quite impressive.

This one is a good ear tattoos idea if you want to go for a unique design. The guy has applied an inverted umbrella, which has a deep black theme. This kind of style might be symbolic in a way.

A black diamond with a blood-like color in the back? This tattoo might have a strange meaning that is well known to the wearer. Either way, the design is appealing and unique as well. The deep black and red colors blend perfectly.

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