Do you even see a tattoo in this pic? Of course, you do. You might despise it for being too small, but this tattoo makes it as one of the best ear tattoos for guys. Regardless of the size and design, this tatt could be symbolic.

This is yet another tattoo that comes with a basic design but still qualifies among the best. The guy has applied an umbrella with some raindrops behind his ear, which could be symbolic. You may not even notice it if you are not keen enough.

Is this guy a carpenter? Only he knows best. He has applied his tattoo behind the ear, and it features a hammer and a long nail. The design of the elements is what makes them extra eye-catching. It doesn’t even matter whether it is symbolic or not.

At first, you’d think that this guy’s kid was messing around with a pen on his ear. It doesn’t look like a real tattoo at all. The simplicity makes this one among the ear tattoos idea you would consider having.

This guy has applied his anchor tattoo on the back of his ear, and it is just amazing. The 3D effects are what makes it stand out, and it could also be having a specific meaning known by the wearer.

The design of this tattoo comes with a unique pattern that could be symbolic. It is very much hidden at the back of the guy’s ear, which could be special to him. The color blend is basic, but the style is spectacular.

Do you want to have a cool tattoo that is not too vibrant nor attention-grabbing? If so, then you should consider trying out this design. It is one of the ear tattoo ideas that come with a sweet style that is also symbolic.

Is this guy the modern Batman? No, not at all. Maybe he loves bats, or he is a crazy fan of the superhero. Either way, he has applied his tattoos with elegance, and they look cool at the back of the ear.

Anyone would easily notice the design of this tattoo. The pattern starts from the ear, and it spreads all across the side of the head and the side of the face. It is quite an eye-catcher, which may or may not be symbolic.

A black rose on the back of this guy’s ears might have a hidden meaning. This is one of the ear tattoos for men that want to show their love for the tattooing art with style. He has the two roses applied behind each ear.

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