People are highly inspired by the celtic folklore and symbolism, here we see a full arm tattoo of a brilliant celtic creature with a skull with horns and the lower part which is supposed to be the body is full of little themed patterns and a scale-like pattern towards the lower end.


Celtic shield are a great concept of tattoos, people love the uniquely curved lines that give the shield a solid look. Here we can see an upper arm tattoo of a celtic themed shield which is look quite rugged and worn out, this is said to fortify the person good luck and protect him.


The celtic cross is somewhat similar to the Victorian cross with no connection with the theories of Christianity, here we see a artist tattoo of such a cross inked on the upper arm. The artist has added a torn flesh effect to make the tattoo stand out, it looks almost as if it is 3 dimensional.


A celtic tattoo is mostly seen in dark and bold colors and usually comprise of symbols with themed patterns on it, her we have a celtic cross inked in totally black ink. The patterns created by the weaving lines is spectacular and gives it quite a manly look, this makes it a great celtic tattoo design.


Colors put a lot of life and vibrance into a tattoo, here we see a beautiful multicolored tattoo of a sharp corner celtic themed cross and patterns seen of celtic shields. The artist has kept the upper part of the tattoo blueish however the lower part is a mix of black and red shades.


The ripped out tattoo effect is great when used along with a celtic themed tattoo, it create a bold and aggressive look which make it a great celtic tattoos for guys. Here we see a similar example where the artist has inked the shoulder with a celtic cross with interlaced patterns and the background is creating a ripped flesh effect.


Though celtic themed artifacts did not flaunt skulls and bones it makes a great tattoo concept when blended together perfectly, here we see a full arm tattoo full of rich celtic patterns and designs with a unique skull in the middle. The skull has been heavy morphed to match the original themed of the tattoo.


The broken or shattered effect tattoos give a great effect to celtic tattoos, here we see a brilliant example where the artist has created a very realistic shatter effect and a celtic cross within the created 3d hole. It is one of the best tattoo ideas for men who want celtic themed tattoos with a shatter effect.


The Celtic anchor is not so common but is probably the most unique celtic tattoo design, the celtic were known for their skills at the sea and their power is symbolized by a themed anchor. Here we see an example of the celtic anchor made with simple colors and minimal shading.


The entangled and interlacing pattern of the celtic theme can be blended with many other ideas, here we see that the artist has made a tattoo of a shoulder armour of a knight. it look very realistic and has a typical circular celtic pattern toward the upper part and silver armour toward the lower end.

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