The animals is comprised of different shapes with a grey colour but some highlighting colour concentrated in some parts of the body and the animal is walking away with small strides perfect inner bicep tattoo due to the dull colors.

The tattoo has a human eye, a knife that look likes its peeping through a pocket, two skulls and some hand sewn leather balls. The tattoo’s message is very encrypted in the dark colors but somehow depicts a dark livelihood.

This bicep tattoo design looks like a travel tattoo since it has the whole globe drawn showing in its some of the continents and what looks like a lower body of a lady trying to fit into something that’s unclear.

The sword has been drawn right through the centre of a beautiful flower with black petals. The oozing of the red substance from the flower shows pain or actually an act of bravery or a symbol of inner strength.

The lion is still in motion despite the fact that it has been struck by two arrows. The message “be not afraid” on the other hand, fits the idea behind the tattoo since the lion is not afraid of death but rather moving.

The tattoo’s colors are bright with two different flowers beside an hour glass that has a skull in it on the side that shows the time that has passed. It also signifies the time since one lost someone very special.

The bicep tattoo idea is hilarious. A flamingo that is smoking with a lens with beads is just perfect for a party mood probably. The surrounding is filled with smoke and the stars meaning it must be during night hours.

The scales of the fish are very beautiful as compared to the flower in the back that is painted black and white. The fish is focusing on something as it swims towards past the flower with full of life

In this one, it looks like a cub which is inscribed within with an animal say a lion, that seems to roaring. There’s another layer that looks like water with small creatures swimming in it. It’s a good bicep tattoo for the guys to try.

The family life, where the younger being on the side of the elder fox and the shades of the plants gives a captivating image of how the elderly can protect the young one or teach them some life’s survival skills.

Finding the Best Biceps Tattooist near You

Coming up with a bicep tattoo idea is one thing and having the design perfectly executed on the skin is another thing altogether. That means you have to find a skilled and experienced tattooist to do the job. You can always find the best tattooists in town by searching online or asking your friends about it. But before you get your biceps inked, it is always important to be sure the equipment used are new or sterilized and that the artists are experts in the design you want drawn. Also be sure to compare prices among the top tattooists in town so as to get the best value for your money.

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