The compass showing the position of a place on what looks like an antique map with a set of grid lines and what looks like feathers overlapping into the campus and the clear differentiation of points by different color shadings.

The lady drawn is half alive and the other half is a skull. This might clearly depict the two sides of the lady though it’s a bit scarily it conveys the message quite clearly as seen in the lady’s eyes.

A skull in a hood looks horrific considering the fact that its hand bones have a gun and the other hand is somehow gesturing at something the skull looks like it’s pissed off or actually up for a revenge mission.

This is actually a bicep tattoo idea for men considering the colors used. The watch is engraved in beautiful flowers and calibrated in roman figures and somehow it serves as reminder of some sort of memory of a previous event

The eye is quite a nightmare in itself with the reds in the pupils and the veins in the cornea and the eyelashes can make you think it’s actually a real human eye but all in all the colors just blend with the weirdness.

The jaguar is quite furious as a sign of betrayal or anger and somehow in a hunting mood due to the leaves at the back. The drawing is drawn to perfection with exact resemblance to the exact animal being featured.

Clock enclosed in the heart. What an idea. The colors are dull but maybe we can depict that the heart will one point stop functioning but time will still pass by till eternity thus making it a unique tattoo idea.

The compass has beautiful shades with an arrow that has three tails and it’s calibrated in the four main directions which might either represent one’s location at some specific time or a symbol of someone who really loves travelling a lot.

The lizard consists of different shapes with different shades of colours and it seems to be crawling on a blue circle with leaves of different plants in its sides outlining the fitting shapes that aren’t overlapping which is very creative.

Skulls are scarily but are good bicep tattoos. On the contrary, the skull has two swords pointing to different sides with pyramids below them one with initials ,a letter g with a circle above it and two v shaped beams.

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