This is a devil tattoo. The new school devil tattoos are red, the color of danger and evil. The devil has always been imaged with horns and sharp blood-sucking teeth. This tattoo represents death and evil. It can also be used to represent religion.

This is a quote tattoo. The quote �Everyday is a day to be great’ inspires self-improvement. A new day is an opportunity to achieve more. This tattoo shows focus and seriousness in life. Every person must work towards being better.

This is a letter eight tattoo.It is a simple tattoo for the laid-back personalities. This tattoo can reflect a twisted situation. The zigzag pattern is inspired by the twisted way of life. It shows the ups and the downs of our daily lives.

This is the traditional pitbull tattoo. This tattoo can be used to symbolize a fighting spirit. Pitbulls were reared for dogfighting. A man with a ‘never say die’ attitude should consider this symbol. It can also be a favorite for the dog lover.

This is a masculine touch of the butterfly tattoo. Men love butterflies too. They are beautiful and gentle. A butterfly on the inner bicep can symbolize gentleness and kindness. Not all men are into scary and dangerous stuff. Some are simple and calm.

The tattoo is definitely very complex with the colors quite captivating with what looks like a folded piece of paper in a bottle embedded in roses and a ship in an hourglass with a perfect frame on it.

The grey watch is surrounded by flowers and somehow has a distinct chain attached to it. The watch is inscribed with the date 24.8.15, which most definitely shows the time something happened serving as an important memory in the person’s life.

The bicep tattoo is neatly drawn and somehow shows the emotions of the owner and depicting love for his grandma. The heart is artistically drawn and the name written perfectly and the red color fit the drawing of a heart to symbolise love.

The darkness surrounding not one but two doves raises an eyebrow since it’s as if the dove is trying to fly away from the darkness because of fear despite having some black shades on its body apart from its natural color.

The rotating compass arms are at one point and above it, there is a big bird that’s flapping its wings as if it’s flying away and there is also the dark shaded points round the compass but clearly, its meaning is hidden’.

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