This realistic angel tattoo features a stunning woman’s face inked across the right pectoral muscle. Her wing curls around her shoulder and wraps around her body. Her hair blows in the wind. This is a great New School tattoo idea for men looking to immortalize and honor their female partner through a tattoo.


A naked angel stands on the left outer arm, her hair blowing in the wind. She wraps her arms around her body in a gentle caress. Her wings flutter behind her, shaded in typical New School tattoo style. This tattoo serves to embody both gentleness and strength.


This full back tattoo features an intensely detailed Illustrative styled scene. A male warrior angle stands in full armor at the center, his wings spread fully and his sword unsheathed. A queenly female sits seductively at his feet. Behind them stretches an epic scene of rock, water, wind, and heavenly light.


This angel tattoo depicts a kneeling angel. She rests upon her knees, her head tucked towards the ground, her hair falling across her face. Her wings are outstretched and shaded. This is an ideal tattoo idea for men looking for a smaller, more subtle angle piece.


This Illustrative tattoo features a cartoon inspired angel emerging from a billowing, shadowy cloud. She stands upon the upper arm, her head encircled by a burst of white heavenly light. Clouded sky wraps around her, and flapping doves flutter about her folded hands.


This angel tattoo for guys features a seductive, pretty angel, clad in a crop top and thong. She is expertly shaded in typical New School style so that her legs glisten with muscle, and her breasts stand out beautifully. Her hair blows in the wind as she flashes a flirtatious smile.


This Marilyn Monroe inspired angel is depicted in New School tattoo style. She sits upon the inner bicep, her shaded wings tucked cutely behind long locks of flowing hair. She turns her face cheekily away, showing off a beautifully shaded figure and cherub plump lips.


This beautiful angel perches atop a cropping of black stone, her hands wrapped around her delicate knees. Her thin, pointed wings are realistically shaded and detailed. Behind her, a pastel style blur of grey and black line work completes the scene.


This tattoo for guys fills up the entire side body. It features an epic Illustrative styled scene. An angel takes flight, wings outstretched, headed up into the heavenly sunshine. An extremely muscular angel looks on from below. The piece is inked with great detail and expert shading, so that it appears to be carved from marble.


A cartoon inspired angel sits beneath the neck, her legs crossed beneath her and her wings outstretched towards the shoulders. A ribbon billows around her body as she turns her eyes down towards the script beneath her that reads, “OMG”.

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