As more men are looking to get tatted, it is easy to find those who prefer to have something special. Seeing as a tattoo may be something placed in the open and people may see it ever so often, many people have opted to have a form of secrecy. What would be a better idea other than having one in a language that is not so obvious – Latin.


Implementation of Latin Tattoos for Men

There are many options for Latin tattoos for men. One can always browse the Internet to have the best Latin quotes and sayings. These may be used as word tattoos. Most of the Latin sayings may not be readily engraved in ink art, but they sure are an option for those stylish statements.

The great thing about Latin tattoos for men is that you can have them on any part of your body and what’s more? You get inspired all the time. In life’s trying moments, everyone needs a statement that can lift them up in an instant, and what better way than to have ink art that is part of your identity?

Popular Quote Choices for a Latin Tattoo

Most of the Latin tattoos for men may just be described as life quotes. They serve to encourage you when you feel down. Seeking motivation was never as easy as lifting up your shirt or looking in the mirror. Trials are bound to keep anyone down, no matter what strong a man they may be. However, a simple Latin quote like Dum spiro, spero may just be what one needs. It can be translated to mean while there is life, there is hope.

Sometimes the quotes are not merely about encouraging. They serve to remind one of what is essential. For example, Sed anima est quam manere, which is a form of ink art that tells one that there is more to life, that it is more as compared to staying alive.

Just like the quote suggests, there is more to life and not only the wrong things. Love. People have said it makes the world go round. Besides, isn’t Latin the language of romance? A more common phrase would perhaps be Amor numquam moritur, which means Love never dies.

Sometimes, the quotes and sayings go beyond our feelings and talk about what principles we live by. For instance, Amare et honorare speaks loads about what guides one’s decisions and who they are. It means love and honor, the two things that distinguish a man from a boy. The realization of these two things has been known to be the epitome of passage from a child to an adult.

Some may be aimed at encouraging others. Tattoos, especially those placed in areas visible to the public, may help another struggling soul. Something like Perveniet ad altitudinem urges the reader to reach the heights. If this is not encouraging, I don’t know what is. Sailing in the same boat would be Ille vincit se vincit, which stands for ‘He conquers who is the one conquers himself.’

Whether for others or ourselves ink art serves more purposes than simply beauty. It is an inspiration that seeks to propel us further.

Incredible Examples of Latin Tattoos for Men


This Latin tattoo means “to the very end” and signifies a bold and long-lasting commitment. It is only natural that the tattoo is bold and straightforward. It uses no bling to emphasize the words that should never be spoken or taken lightly.


Latin tattoos are generally highly symbolic and this is a great tattoo for someone who is a natural leader, who likes to lead by example and considers the others their peers. This phrase which means “a first among equals” is presented here in a very majestic manner.


If you love to live in the present and believe that every fleeting moment should be lived to the fullest then this is one of the best Latin tattoo ideas for you. Looks-wise it is elegant and beautiful in a very aristocratic manner and possesses certain classiness.


This is a Latin tattoos idea that celebrates one of the most popular quotes of accomplishing something great- “I came, I saw, I conquered” and is the perfect way to celebrate an important milestone. The branches on either side of the font give the tattoo an air of elegance.


This Latin tattoo design will reinforce your belief in all that is pure and unadulterated in life. This is a very meaningful and powerful tattoo bought to life in a flowing and intricate design work that takes a lot of skill and considerable effort.


This is one of those Latin tattoos for guys that have serious religious undertones. It means “the cross of Christ is my light” and can be taken both literally as well as a source of guidance and inspiration during dark and turbulent times.


If you love rules and like everything to proceed in an orderly manner or are just a law-abiding citizen and are proud of the same then this is one of those Latin tattoos for men that glorify this. The reasoning behind this tattoo is simply that the law can be hard but it is the law.


If you are a history buff or simply love strategies and wartime stories then you must have come across the phrase “divide and conquer”. This is one of the best tattoo ideas for men that represent the same phrase in Latin in a bold and dramatic manner.


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