The full upper back is covered in a striking picture made up of a bg and bold anchor at the center. The ring features a skull with gritted teeth where the thin ropes are entwined. The anchor is carried by widespread heavily feathered wings, enhanced by the glowing red color and shining stars.

The slender form of the anchor appears subtle yet strong amidst flowy and bubbly waves of the seas. A sleek rope is attached to its ring and wraps itself around the shank, while the pointed crown and bill stands out.

This lustrous silver picture featuring the small yet thick body of an anchor with the words NAVY in bold letters yield one of the best anchor tattoos. A braided rope gracefully entwines with the nautical object to form a seemingly rounded frame.

Wrapped around the wrist is a string of tiny beads in shades of pink, red, and blue. The series ends at the tip of an anchor in shiny blue-silver color, extending to a sleek shank and crown with a bright red heart at the center.

This lengthy form of an anchor is lined at the center and at the crown for an embossed look. The shank is textured and glossy, while the stock and tips arrive in vivid red color. The rope curves and flows from top to the anchor’s tip.

An anchor is one solid and strong symbolic nautical object, while a rose is one beautiful meaningful flower. Combined, the anchor and fragrant red roses create a stunning scene that makes for one of the loveliest tattoos ideas of all.

Two small anchors have a single sleek rope attached to both rings which nimbly cling to the cute objects. Yellow and black color combination produces a modern appeal, while red heart shaped bills make for a unique and totally adorable tattoo.

Sleek and sexy, this ankle tattoo featuring the naval object looks very attractive. The anchor is small but leaves a big impression with its brilliance and unparalleled elegance. Every inch of the anchor looks nice and neat as it is inked in the finest details.

Steel body, wooden stock, and the softness of a thin and sleek finely braided rope blend perfectly into one impressive anchor design. This tattoo is filled with texture and depth made up of different shades that yield a lustrous effect.

Beauty like no other is exactly what this anchor tattoos for men displays. A solid anchor with a defined ring, shank, and crown is decorated with a flowing rope and leafy vines, dabbed with the soft red color of dainty roses.

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